Degree Program

Degrees offered are in Religious areas only. Associate: The Associate program is designed to provide an introduction in the fields of Biblical studies and theology. [...]


Certificate Programs

 Program Description Certification programs help you gain valuable knowledge, skills and training in a specific field. Regardless of your academic level, there’s a certificate program [...]


Distance Learning

Heritage International Bible College and Seminary Online has been developed with a simple approach to working online. No previous computer experience, no problem. We have [...]


Life Coaching

Christian life coaching helps you determine and achieve personal goals. Our Christian life coaches use multiple methods, often based on Christian doctrine and are taken [...]



Each student desiring admission to Heritage International Bible College and Seminary must submit a completed application packet to the Heritage International Bible College and Seminary [...]


Tuition and Fees

Associate of Ministry A.Min $2400   Associate of Biblical Studies A.B.S. $2400   Bachelor of Ministry B. Min $2400   Bachelor of Biblical Studies B.B.S. $2400   Master of [...]



Dennis Daniels Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Dean Shire Smith M.A Executive Secretary Director of School Records R. Michael Baldock Th.D. Curriculum Advisor Walter Oakley Th.D. [...]


Transworld Accrediting Commission

Heritage International Bible College and Seminary is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission.  Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) exists to assure the quality and assist in [...]